"If you do build one read everything Spike has written as well as the videos. Instructions are very thorough. Drawings are well done and there are a few parts that are cut to fit, but no surprises.
Spike is an exceptional person to deal with. Extremely prompt to say the least!"

"We Recently installed the Pixhawk in my Gemini V-2 and after several tests and some hours of modifying parameters and adjustments, finally managed to obtain an excellent setup for this model. It currently does a couple of daily missions and is used for aerial surveillance."

​"This thing is exactly what I was hoping for.  A smooth, stable, capable airplane that is perfect for someone like me that is a private pilot looking to scratch the itch in FPV.  I cant believe how well this thing flys.  I was worried about a lack of power running only 900w.  In the air, it pulls a bit better than 1000w with charged packs, which is still more than double the power that I use any other time than takeoff.  it climbs like a homesick angel at 500w.  I was worried about the wing loading as I figured it to be around 25oz per sq foot, today I was thermalling with it.  I have a bit of practice with a very light 2m chrysalis electric glider, my persomal records are 3400ft altitude and 82 min flight off a 30sec climb on separate occasions.  Today I pulled off a 20min flight on the Gemini using only 1100mah on my 6s packs.  thats with a handful of touch and gos mixed in as well so I wasnt striving for a long endurance glider style flight.  This thing just keeps exceeding my expectations. 

     Last night I got a chance to fly at sunset which I love to do fpv.  the board cams are great in low light and the air calms nicely.  I couldnt believe how smooth it handled in the calm air.  it was like flying flight sim with all weather turned off.  it was PERFECT."

Testimonials:​   (Gemini V-2)

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Testimonials:    (Future Star) 

"So your damned Future Star plane has had me thinking non stop for the last couple months about a rocket powered airplane. It's freaking consuming me. I've got plans for an attitude control system, theories on how I can make a small reaction wheel system, I've dug into the formulas for every part of rocketry you can think of. Damn you Spike, damn you…" 

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