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​Plans with full size patterns

​We offer plans for DIY scratch build boats designed for RC sailing. These are real, proper boats which deliver the wholesome good looks of traditional sailing craft, and outstanding, realistic, sailing performance. Plans include full size patterns which make it easy for the hobbyist to accurately create the balanced hull forms. Simple "plywood over bulkhead” construction does not require building jigs or forms. Boat building will exercise a variety of skills, satisfying the seasoned modeler, or providing a great learning experience for the novice. One day you can have the thrill of launching and sailing a boat that you built yourself. Cheers Mates!


Length overall:                 147.3 cm       58 in         Length on deck:               122 cm          48 in

Length Waterline:             101.6 cm      40 in

Beam:                               35.5 cm        14 in

Draft:                                 53.3 cm       21 in

Displacement:                   11.4 kg        25 lbs.       Sail area:                      5484 sq cm    850 sq. in.

Height above water:          127 cm       50 in.


Total:                                                  1106

​Receiving the plans via dropbox is so easy, even  grandpa can do it!

​Schooner Irene

Special Offer:      Save $5 USD​​ 

​Receiving the plans via dropbox is so easy, even  grandpa can do it!

​Detailed step-by-step build instructions with pictures, on more than a dozen PDF documents make Emma easier to build for everyone!

* ​Full size patterns assure easy, accurate, creation of this model. 
* Plywood over bulkhead construction requires no special building jig or forms.
* Drawings and instructions detail hull assembly, radio control system, spars & rigging, keel bulb casting, and more!  

​     “Emma” has a moderate size rig and provides realistic
sailing performance in breezes up to about 15 knots.
Features include removable mast, rudder, and fin keel for easy transport.
Building this boat exercises a variety of skills, making this a satisfying project for the experienced builder or a great learning project for the novice modeler. The finished model is attractive and robust, a real boat in every way! 


​A Skiff and a Dory

​Sloop Emma

​Sloop Emma


Patterns included with Schooner Irene plans

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PDF ​Plans can also be sent via E-mail if you prefer. (just provide your email address in "Notes to Seller" when you purchase. (Otherwise, a dropbox link will be sent to your Paypal linked E-mail address) You can also contact us at: if there are any issues, and we'll sort it out right away! Please check your junk mail before assuming there is a problem. 

For any questions about the boats, send an email to the Designer, Gary at 

​We wish to thank the fine group involved in ongoing forums about Schooner “Irene” and Sloop "Emma"!   You can visit the forums here:


Length overall                      1 meter   39.375 in

Length waterline:                 97.8 cm   38.5 in

Beam:                                  31 cm      12.25 in

Draft:                                    50.8 cm   20 in

Displacement:                      6.14 kg    13.5 lbs

Ballast fin / bulb:                  3.4 kg       7.5 lbs

Sail area:                       3393 sq cm   526 sq in

Height above water:          99 cm        39 in 



Thanks to all those who have kindly sent us photos of their model projects.



Printed paper plans are now available for purchase, with direct shipping to your home or business, through a partnership with!   Simply click on the link below to find the Bearospace boat plans on their website: 


This RC sailing Model "Irene" is a semi-scale portrayal of a small trading schooner from the early 20th century.

​Plans with full size patterns

Fantasy Boats:

My boat designs are “Fantasy Boats”. I want them to LOOK like REAL boats, GOOD boats, SIMPLE boats, the way boats looked years ago, “Vintage” some might say. They portray boats that might have been, or might one day come to be. I also want models that sail in a realistic manner. No “submarining” on a downwind run, or decks awash and booms dragging in the water while on a beam reach in fair weather. No failures to come about, or unwanted rounding up, out of control, in a moderate breeze. These designs stray from being truly “scale” because they include distortions and compromises which are necessary for the model to sail well.  The physical laws of mechanical similitude, the “square-cube thing”, come into play.
And that folks, is why my boat designs are the way they are….Cheers, Gary     

We made a TOPSAIL for Emma. Check out how to do it on your Emma, or other RC sailboat by clicking on this video:


PDF plans purchased from this website site are delivered via email within 24 hrs or less.

Email delivery is via Dropbox app in the form of PDF files which you can view on your computer.  (You don't need to have Dropbox to receive plans).  Load the PDF onto a memory stick and take it to a printshop which has a roll fed printer capable of printing 36” (90 cm) wide.  Shops which print architectural plans can usually do the job.  Ask that the pages be printed “100% - actual size”.  Pages with full size patterns or drawings have dimension check lines which can be measured to assure that the printing has been done correctly.

​Schooner Irene

Ready made sails now available for Schooner “Irene" and Sloop “Emma”. 
We are pleased that respected model yacht sailmaker Rod Carr can provide finished sails made to order for “Irene” and “Emma”. Contact Rod through his Website:


​Click here to buy Schooner Irene AND Sloop Emma Plans TOGETHER for only $25 USD

​A traditionally inspired R.C. sailboat for Bear, This stoutly built sailing vessel is stiff enough to hold up to a bear size gale, enabling her to venture far from the protected waters of the local pond, and out into the bay, or even ocean, for long range sailing in open water. Designed by Gary Webb, the renowned full size ocean cruising boat builder, this vessel is worthy of the Bearospace name.   Performance is as always, by design.  A lot more engineering, calculations, and experience have gone into "IRENE" than most other R.C. Sailboats!  Built from inexpensive materials such as doorskin plwood, and epoxy, all but a few parts are available at the local hardware store. This keeps costs at a minimum, and build time in days or weeks, not months or years like some boat models.
An optional sail plan with a gaff main sail is included with the “Irene” plan set. 
Also included are patterns for a skiff and a dory, either of which might serve as a dinghy for “Irene”.

A semi-scale portrayal of a sprit-rigged cruising sloop from the mid 20th century, designed for RC sailing.

​$15 U.S.D
email delivery via dropbox app. (You don't need to have dropbox to receive the plans) Sent within 24 hrs

​$15 U.S.D
email delivery via dropbox app. (You don't need to have dropbox to receive the plans) Sent within 24 hrs

​$15 U.S.D
email delivery via dropbox app. (You don't need to have dropbox to receive the plans) Sent within 24 hrs