​Bearospace Industries

Not only are the bears real, they work hard!

​Watch them build a boat:

Teddy Flies higher than he ever has before. If he goes much higher, he'll need supplemental oxygen!

​At Bearospace Industries, We have several types of advanced projects, meant to further the development of robotics, including                          U.A.V's, Model boats, clean energy endeavors, and space access projects. 

Our goal is to INSPIRE YOU to do more with FPV,  radio control, and further the development of  technology, finding new uses for it. 
Who knows?   Perhaps one day, we can send teddy bears into orbit, and beyond!!!
Nothing is out of reach with today's technology!   
It's up to us to put it to use every day!!  

Teddy flies to high altitude, and gets a scare!

​Teddy Goes Sailing with some friends, and has a Near Miss with another boat!

Teddy Flies under a bridge, and almost hits a power line!

Teddy goes for an Exiciting flight in one of the most beautiful places on earth, and almost hits a tree!

Episode 3 of Bear Tails.   Don't ask what happened to episode 2....

The Bear Tails Pilot Episode, The Movie that started it all!

With huge flaps, a high lift airfoil, and built light to perform, The Super Moose has proven to be the best S.T.O.L. plane yet. It has starred in the BEAR TAILS episodes 1, and 3 on youtube, becoming a worldwide hit!  Designed to Fly at scale speeds, and carry scale heavy loads, it can land in tight spaces on unimproved runways as demonstrated in the videos.  With the animatronic bear, co-pilot Britney as navigator,  and multiple cameras mounted on the airframe, inside and out, the adventure is recorded for the enjoyment of all ages.  Built traditionally from balsa, spruce, and basswood,  this retro-futuristic model, brings together indie film-making, robotics, and Aviation's golden age of bush flying as never before!!!  

     No Build plans are available yet, but let us know if you would like to see them!

More about Bear's plane, the "Super Moose" S.T.O.L. aircraft: